Cone-Beam CT-Scan 3D digital X-Ray

How does CT-3D differ from my regular x-rays?

Regular dental x-rays, your panorex and dental films display only two dimensions of your teeth and jaws, the height and width. Usually those techniques do not allow one to determine the thickness and/or the bone space very accurately. The CT-3D examination is distortion free. It demonstrates the actual make-up of your jaw bone as well as providing accurate measurements of the height, width, and thickness for placement of the implants. Due to this sophisticated technology we are able to determine ahead of time precisely what will be found during your surgical procedure.

Why do I need a CT-3D examination?

The CT-3D examination helps to determine whether you are a good candidate for implant reconstruction. The results of this examination means that we will know the exact location of certain anatomical structures, the contours of your jawbone and the best sites for your implants to be placed. The CT-3D examination means the chances for surprise at surgery are greatly reduced, therefore less operating time and a greater chance for long term success of your case.

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