COVID-19 Update, from your Los Angeles dentist Dr. Khalifeh

COVID Patients with gum disease at higher risk!

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COVID patients with gum disease are at higher risk of complications and death according to study publishes  August 10, 2020. COVID-19 Patients With Periodontitis Face Greater Risk of Dying report revealed that “Coronavirus patients who have been hospitalized are far more likely to die of respiratory failure if they suffered from periodontitis before contracting COVID-19. The international team of dental researchers behind the report determined that “hospitalized COVID-19 patients with Periodontitis with IL-6 levels above 80 pg/ml are 22 times more likely to suffer from acute respiratory problems and placed on a ventilator compared to patients with IL-6 levels below 80 pg/ml.” Yes, COVID patients with gum disease are at higher risk.

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