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A Dental emergency can happen at any time. Teeth injuries and toothache often require immediate care. At Museum Dental Center, we offer the most reliable emergency dental care services in Los Angeles, Miracle Mile, and Beverly Hills.  We usually offer immediate appointments to patients with dental emergency. We take care of their dental discomfort and decrease the chances of complications associated with treatment delay. You have a dental emergency, call the most reliable emergency dentist in los Angeles, Dr. khalifeh at: 323-933-3855.

Having slight tooth sensitivity, bad breath, irritated gums, or other relatively minor dental issues, requires a checkup appointment at your convenient time. While it is important to treat these conditions sooner than later, they are not real dental emergencies. 

Which Dental conditions require emergency care?

Severe Toothache

Dental pain can be overwhelming, making it hard to work, eat, or even sleep. Real tooth ache is usually caused by a deep cavity reaching the tooth nerve, dental infection or abscess, or a gum abscess. A tooth ache that is not responding to common pain medications such as Advil and Tylenol warrant a dental emergency visit.

Do you know that 17% of teeth pain are not true toothache? Dr. Khalifeh is a board-certified Orofacial Pain Specialist, above all, he is highly trained to identify the source of your pain and give you the correct and most efficient pain relief.

Cracked or Broken teeth

Cracked lower molar need emergency dentist helpTeeth might get chipped or break while eating or because of an accident such as sport accident. Depending on the size of the broken tooth piece and symptoms you have, you may need to contact the Museum Dental Center sooner than later. Dr. Khalifeh recommend fixing a broken or chipped teeth as soon as possible. The sooner you receive treatment, the better results and the less damage could happen to your tooth.

Although a broken tooth could be saved by a bonded restoration or a crown, sometimes a root canal treatment or extraction is recommended. That depending on the condition of the broken tooth. Dr. Khalifeh recommends that you save the chipped tooth part if you found it. Try to rinse the broken tooth piece in warm water then place it in a cup of milk and bring it with you to our Los Angeles dental office. 

Knocked-Out Tooth

Provisional Splint for Knocked Out Upper front Teeth required emergency dental careUnfortunately, accidents may happen to anyone at any time. A knocked-out tooth while engaging in sports, a fight or being in car accident is very traumatic. In case you couldn’t get an immediate appointment with your dentist, do a google search for emergency dentists who offer emergency dental care to find an emergency dentist who can treat this kind of dental emergency. Re inserting your knocked-out tooth into its socket within an hour, is your best chance to save and keep your natural tooth.

Best practice to deal with a knocked-out tooth, Dr. Khalifeh, an emergency dentist serving patients in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Miracle Mile, recommend that you hold the lost tooth by the crown, rather than the root. A contaminated tooth should be gently rinsed in cold water, but do not dry it at all. Push the tooth back into its socket, while making sure that it is in the correct orientation. Bite down gently to keep it in place while you are on your way to see the emergency dentist.

If you were not able to put the tooth back into its socket, place it in a container of milk and bring it with you to the dental office.  Your may also use a product called Save-a-Tooth sold in pharmacies in which you can place a lost tooth in while on your way to the emergency dentist or an emergency dental care center.

After placing the tooth in the correct position, Dr. Khalifeh usually uses a special splint to keep the tooth in place. We remove the splint after 4-6 weeks after giving enough time for you jaw bone to heal around the tooth. Saved knocked out teeth are often need root canal treatment to prevent tooth abscess or infection.

Lost Crown or Veneer

Lost Veneer on upper front toothDental emergency is not always because of pain. For instance, a lost or broken crown or veneer in the esthetic zone can be very embarrassing. Although pain might not be associated with a lost crown or veneer, you might need to see an emergency dentist ASAP to replace the missing restoration. This is true if you are esthetically conscious.

At the Museum Dental Center, we have the best technology to replace your broken or missing veneer or crown in one single visit. We use CAC/CAM technology to make highly esthetic ceramic crowns and veneers and deliver them same day.

Ignoring a lost crown problem might cause damage to your exposed tooth. In addition, teeth next to the missing crown area and opposing teeth might move and miss up your bite alignment.

lost or Broken Filling

Broken cusp of a premolar with cracked fillingloosing or cracking a tooth filling might not be considered a true dental emergency that needs an immediate care. Dr. Khalifeh recommend you seek help with an emergency dentist if you experience tooth pain. He also recommends that you should not wait too long before fixing your tooth with broken dental filling if you have no pain. Waiting might cause more damage to your tooth.

At Museum Dental Center and as a temporary solution for a completely missing filling, we suggest that you place sugar-free gum in the empty tooth space. Make an appointment to have the filling replaced within a few days. If you start experiencing tooth pain, contact an emergency dentist ASAP.

Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is caused by infection in a tooth or the gum. that occurs in or around a tooth root. Tooth or gum abscess can cause serious health problem. It can spread locally to your jaw bone and surrounding tissue. This might cause bone infection known as osteomyelitis. If a dental abscess spread to the soft tissue spaces under the chin, this might obstruct your airways and cause death. This condition called Ludwig’s Angina.  

Infection from an abscessed tooth might reach your bloodstream too. Bacteria in the bloodstream my cause sepsis which is a life threatening condition. Dental abscess involving teeth in what is called the Danger Triangle might travel to your brain. This could cause clotting in the brain veinous sinuses (Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis), another life-threatening condition.

Dental abscess can be presented as dental pain, gum swelling, swelling in the face associated with systemic symptoms. Among these systemic symptoms are fever, disorientation, malaise, agitation, weakness, and loss of appetite.  

Dental abscess is a true medical and dental emergency. If you think you have one, contact an emergency dentist ASAP. In case you were not able to find an emergency dentist to take you same day, go to the closest ER in your area. Patients with dental abscess feeling symptoms like disorientation, severe headache, blurred vision, or any other neurologic symptoms must call 911 immediately for help.

Treatment of a dental abscess usually involves draining the abscess and taking antibiotics. However, using antibiotics alone or with pain medications might not be adequate. In fact, it could be dangerous. Abscessed teeth usually require root canal treatment if they can be saved or extraction. Dr. Khalifeh advise patients with abscess to keep hydrated, take multivitamins, and use soft food to avoid dropping in your immunity.

Oral and Facial Trauma

Dental Trauma Treated by Emergency Dentist Los Angeles, Museum Dental CenterAn injury to your face or mouth could cause soft tissue damage, bone fracture, teeth fracture and bleeding. Such injuries are caused by car accidents, sports, fights, gun fire or other accidents. Dr. Khalifeh recommends you go to emergency room ASAP as they are more equipped to examine and treat trauma conditions.

If your teeth are involved, doctors at the ER could contact an emergency dentist who is on call or send you back to your dentist to treat your dental injury.

Broken Dental implant

Dental implants and implants restoration should feel firm and painless. A dental implant or a dental implant restoration that is loose or hurt requires an immediate visit to an emergency dentist.

Although many dentists are placing and restoring dental implants, only very few dental implants specialists can handle dental implant emergencies.

Dr. Khalifeh is a highly trained dual board-certified in dental implants with over 25 years experience in dental implants. He is one of the few dental implants specialists in Los Angeles, Beverly Hill and Miracle Miles capable of fixing dental implants emergencies. and complications. 

Locked Jaw or Jaw Locking

An open or closed locked jaw can be devastating, embarrassing and very painful. Although this is not a true dental emergency, it is a medical emergency. Only a TMJ specialist dentist can fix this type of emergency.

Dr. Khalifeh is a board-certified Orofacial Pain and TMJ Disorders specialist. He is the best TMJ specialist in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Miracle Mile who can fix a jaw locking problem. For best result, call our office ASAP and we will fit you in same or next day.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies?

You can prevent dental emergencies in  most situations. Here are Dr. Khalifeh’s 10 Commandments for preventing dental emergencies:

  1. Maintain excellent oral carer habit at home. Brush and floss your teeth regularly. Change your tooth brush every 2-3 months.
  2. Regularly visit your dentist for check-up and maintenance.
  3. Wear protective sport guard (mouthguard) while playing sport.
  4. Avoid biting on hard candy.
  5. Avoid excessive intake of sugary foods and drinks.
  6. Stay well hydrated.
  7. Avoid chewing ice cubes. 
  8. Avoid cutting things using your teeth, use scissors instead.
  9. Eat healthy food rich in fibers.  
  10. Make appointment with your dentist as soon as you start feeling sensitivity or discomfort on your teeth. Do not wait till the pain is too bad and out of control. 

How to Find and Emergency Dentist In Los Angeles?

Finding the right emergency dentist is a challenge by itself. Whether you have a tooth ache, lost a veneer or suffer from locked jaw, your next step is to find the best emergency dentist in LA. A dentist who is well experienced in treating your type of dental emergency.

There are many good dentists in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, only few of them can handle complex dental emergency cases. You also need to find a dental office that offer you an immediate appointment. 

We strongly believe that dental emergencies should be handles by emergency dentists, not the emergency room. Firstly, emergency rooms are not equipped for dental emergencies. Secondly, Emergency room doctors are not trained to treat dental emergencies.

Dr. Khalifeh, the most trusted and reliable emergency dentist in Los Angeles, helped hundreds of dental emergency patients in Los Angeles and Los Angeles county. For immediate appointment, call us @ (323) 933-3855 or request online appointment.

Are You Looking for Emergency Dentist Near Me?

Are you looking for a reliable emergency dental care? Contact #1 emergency dentist in Los angeles and Miracle Mile, Dr. Khalifeh. We will do our best to see you ASAP, fix you dental emergency and give you the pain relieve you deserve.

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