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How to Find the Best TMJ Specialist in Los Angeles

Most patients with TMJ disorders (TMD) suffer from chronic TMJ pain and dysfunction for long time before they find the right treatment. So, why the delay in getting TMJ treatment? The answer is simple, only few true TMJ specialist exist. Most dentists and some healthcare professionals claim they can treat TMJ disorder. unfortunately, only very few dentists are trained and experienced in treating complex TMJ conditions. When the treatment is carried out by the wrong doctor, the outcome is short. On average, TMD patients see more than 5 specialists before finding the right one. Above all, some TMJ patients get the wrong treatment which makes their TMJ condition worse and harder to treat. TMD patients in los Angeles, CA should do their homework and search to find the best TMJ specialist.  

Here’s how to find the best TMJ specialist in Los Angels:

Look for a True TMJ Specialist 

TMJ disorders are complex and not just simple jaw joint problems. TMD is attributed to multiple causes.  Understanding these causes is the key for successful treatment. 

Additionally, TMJ disorder are usually presented with a wide range of symptoms. Among these symptoms are joint pain, muscle pain, ear pain, headaches, pain in the teeth and neck pain. Ear fullness, tinnitus and loss of balance are other symptoms of TMJ disorder.

Dr. Khalifeh understand that your sleep. posture, bite, airways and general health should not be overlooked when treating your TMJ disorder. Patients with TMJ disorder should search for a TMJ specialist who understand both TMD causes and TMD symptoms. 

Dr. Khalifeh is one of the best TMJ specialists is Los Ageless to treat complex TMD patients. He has a long record in curing patients with TMJ disorder in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood and the rest of California for over 25 years. 

Check the Doctors Credentials

Most dentists claim they are TMJ specialists. When searching for a true TMJ specialist, find out about the doctor’s training and years of experience. Ask if they are board certified specialists or not. Do internet search about the doctor’s credentials. 

Dr. Khalifeh is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orofacial Pain and a Fellow of the American Academy of Orofacial Pain, making him one of the few Orofacial Pain and TMJ specialists in Los Angeles. He earned a master degree in Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine from the prestigious USC School of Dentistry.

Dr. Khalifeh is an educator too. He taught hundreds of dentists who attended the USC school of Dentistry for over 25 years. Additionally, Dr. Khalifeh authored many articles and research papers related to TMJ disorders, Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine. He is also a reviewer for many of the scientific journals. He lectured both nationally and internationally of different subjects including TMJ disorder. 

Dr. Khalifeh is an expert in using BOTOX for TMJ pain. Read his Systematic review on BOTOX for Orofacial pain by clicking on this link. 

Read Patients’s Reviews

Although internet reviews are subjective and may be fake, they could help you find out good information about the best TMJ specialist in Los Angeles, CA. Do not only read the reviews, try to carefully analyze them too.

Finally, we encourage our TMJ patients to write reviews and talk about there experience with our office. We use these reviews to improve our services to our patients. Also, feel free to read and share our reviews and testimonials with you family and friends.

Looking For TMJ Specialist in Los Angeles?

Look no more, schedule an appointment with Dr. Khalifeh, the best TMJ specialist in Los Angeles, CA.

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